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In addition to insurance, Lijdsman Insurance Inc is an Alberta Authorized Registry Agent.

Acceptable I.D.
Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates Legal Name Change
Corporate Registration
Knowledge and Road Testing
Land Titles
Marriage Licence
New To Alberta: Steps to Obtaining Auto Insurance
Obtaining an Alberta Driver’s Licence
Personal Property
Proof of Insurance
Proof of Residency in Alberta
Registering a Vehicle From Out of Province
Vehicle Registration

Your Alberta Driving record can be purchased for the past 3, 5 or 10 years; the cost for all levels is the same. If you are coming into one of our Registry offices, to purchase your own abstract, you will need to complete this Abstract form to receive a copy.

If you are unable to pick up your abstract personally, and have made arrangements to have someone come into our office to purchase it, you will need to complete this Abstract Consent form then fax or email a scanned signed copy to our office for someone to pick up the completed Abstract on your behalf. When your agent comes into our office they will need to complete the Intent form to pick it up, provide a drivers licence (or another form of Acceptable I.D. (see below) )

If you are not able to have someone come in on your behalf, please send us an email and we will provide you with details on how to obtain your abstract.

Acceptable I.D.

  • All Identification must be current and original.
  • (You require 2 pieces of ID for Driver Licence services and 1 for motor vehicle services.)

  • Identification must include any two of the following data elements:
    • Name.
    • Date of Birth.
    • Signature.
    • Address or Legal Presence.

  • Identification must have a recordable number.
  • Some examples include:
    • Alberta Operator’s licence/Identification Card.
    • Photo drivers licence from another jurisdiction.
    • Photo identification card issued by another Motor Vehicle jurisdiction or government issued photo identification.
    • Citizenship, Immigration, Naturalization, or Permanent Resident Card.
    • Canadian Armed Forces Identification Card.
    • Passport.
    • Municipal, Provincial or Federal Police Force Identification.
    • Alberta Health Care if your full name appears.
    • School Identification.
    • WIN Card, FAC.
    • Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate. Issued by Vital Stats.
    • Bank Statement, (not from internet)
    • Visa/MasterCard Statement.
    • Utility bill, telephone, gas or cable TV bill in applicants name.
    • Notice of assessment from Federal Income Tax.
    • Separation slip.
    • Credit, debit or account card (must contain your name and signature).
    • Cancelled cheques with imprinted name and address.
    • Property tax bill or receipt, land title or mortgage documents.

  • Unacceptable Support Documents
  • Some examples of unacceptable support documents are:
    • Interim/temporary drivers licence.
    • Business cards.
    • Cheque cashing cards.
    • Library card.
    • Video club membership cards.
    • Insurance liability cards (pink cards).


Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates/Legal Name Change
Bring in:

  • Complete the Alberta Birth or Death Certificate form, which can be obtained at any of our Registry offices or found on the Alberta Government Services website.
  • Acceptable I.D. includes:
    • birth certificate
    • citizenship card
    • immigration visa
    • passport
    • permanent resident card
    • treaty status card
    • baptismal certificate (also known as christening or dedication documents)
    • driver's licence



Corporate Registration
Lijdsman Insurance provides corporate registry services. We can do searches, annual returns, trade names, and partnerships.

Knowledge and Road Testing

Learner's Licence:

  • Under 18:
    • A parent/guardian/court appointed guardian must be present with Acceptable I.D. (see above)
    • Two pieces of Acceptable I.D. (see above)
    • Your physical & mailing address.
  • Over 18:
    • You will require two pieces of Acceptable I.D. (see above)
    • Proof of Legal Presence in Canada.
    • Proof of residency in Alberta. This must include your mailing address and you must provide a physical address.

Full testing and issuing of a learning permit takes approximately 1 hour so you must be seated at a computer for testing 1 hour prior to closing.

  • Road Testing:
    • We provide road tests in all classes (but not Advanced Road Testing)
    • Testing available once a month. Contact Us for a detailed schedule.



Land Titles
We can perform land title searches and order copies of documents. If you do not have the legal land description, we can assist provide you with that as well.

Marriage Licence
If you are being married in Alberta with in the next 90 days, please come into Lijdsman for your marriage licence. You will need the following:

  • Acceptable I.D. for both individuals. (Both individuals must be present.)
    • Birth Certificate
    • citizenship card
    • immigration visa
    • passport
    • permanent resident card
    • treaty status card
    • driver's licence
  • If you have been divorced you must bring your final divorce “certificate” or “Decree Absolute”. Must be original document, photocopies are not acceptable.
  • Please fill out our marriage licence application and bring it in with you. Click here for the form.



New To Alberta
Please see the printable forms section for detailed information on Steps to Obtaining Auto Insurance

Obtaining an Alberta Driver's Licence
When applying for an Alberta licence please bring with you the following:
  • Your physical and mailing address.
  • Medical if required.
  • If moving from another province to Alberta, you will need to provide:
    • Your licence from your previous Province or Country.
    • Proof that you are lawfully entitled to be or to remain in Canada.
    • Proof of Alberta residency.
(If you do not have your last drivers licence then you will require a clearance letter from your previous province.) (Also see New to Alberta: Steps to obtaining Auto insurance.)



Personal Property
Our staff are certified to do Personal Property searches.


Proof of Residency in Alberta
Legal Presence:

  • Valid Canadian passport.
  • Provincial/Territorial Government issued birth certificate.
  • Canadian Indian Status Card (Federal government issued).
  • Record of Landing.
  • Permanent Resident Card.
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate.
  • Student Authorization (Federal government issued).
  • Employment Authorization (Federal government issued).
Alberta Residency: (one or more of the following)
  • Utility, telephone, gas or cable TV bill in client’s name.
  • Current bank and/or credit card statements.
  • Mortgage documents or residential lease containing a client’s physical address.
  • Income tax return.
  • Written confirmation of employment (on company letterhead, including contact name and telephone number).
  • Written confirmation from an educational institution in Alberta indicating dependents are attending school.
  • Alberta Social benefits documents.
  • Land Title documents.
  • Mail from the federal government mailed to your Alberta Address.



Registering a Vehicle From out of Province
When registering your out of province vehicle please bring with you the following:

  • Current registration or Bill of Sale
  • Out-of-Province inspection
    • In order to register a vehicle that has last been registered outside of Alberta, you will require and Out of Province Inspection request. Bring into our registry office your previous registration that includes the serial number and we will provide you with the request that you will need to present to the inspection station.
    • If your vehicle was last registered outside of Canada, you will also require your Form 1 (that you would have received at the boarder) with two stamps on it. You will have received one stamp from at the boarder crossing and the other from the Federal inspection station.
  • Proof of ALBERTA insurance
  • Acceptable I.D. (see above)

* Vehicles from the U.S.A. must have a customs form with 2 stamps
(Also see New to Alberta: Steps to obtaining Auto insurance.)

Vehicle Registration
When registering a vehicle please bring with you the following:

  • Proof of Insurance: a Valid Pink Card is Proof of Insurance and is required for all Motor Vehicle services.
  • Bill of Sale of lease, etc. If the Bill of Sale is in more than one name you will require both signatures to register. If someone else will be registering the vehicle for the owner, autorization in writing is required. Please complete the Letter of Authorization in our printable Forms section for the individual to bring with them.
  • Original NVIS: New Vehicle Information Statement issued by dealer if a brand new vehicle
  • Proof of ALBERTA insurance
  • Acceptable I.D. (see above)